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Women's health care with emphasis on breast health

Counselling and training in the "Healthy Breast" programme. 

This is a holistic program designed as a tool that can be supportive in both prevention and recovery from breast cancer.

The aim is to recognise the link between health and factors related to environment, nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, genetic factors, psychology and spirituality. 

It is combined - if desired - with integrated practices of Kundalini yoga.

It is aimed at women of all ages.



The following are indicative titles of the programme modules, which can be adapted according to needs:



Introduction to the "healthy breast" programme
Getting to know your breast
Improving lymphatic circulation.
Understanding the hormone puzzle
Healing the earth - healing us
Foods for breast health
Strategies to improve breast health related to nutrition
Detoxification strategies for overall body health
Strengthening the immune system
Following our passion and purpose
Living with gratitude and prayer
Living as a radiant woman

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